Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines help all of us to build an university-student-based community with respect, support and intelligence.

They apply to everyone using Classmeta, including registered student, our team, and people who post any sharings, and communicate within posts and messages.


What We Expect

Show your support to a good sharing!
Knowledge are valuable. Give “Helpful” & “Upvote” tags to a sharing you find useful! The writer will then get 10-20 Honors per tag as awards!

Be positive, constructive and open-minded with comments.
Specific, high-quality & useful sharings are important, but showing gratitude and open-mindedness are the key elements to make a better community!

We encourage people to always give and take.
Each student will be given quotas to unlock any other students’ sharings. To unlock more sharings, gain your quotas by referring friends, or writing your own sharings to contribute to the community.

Be respectable, helpful and understanding
How you treat others is how you invite them to treat you. No freeriding is allowed in the community. If you hope to continue read high-quality content, and make valuable connections, contribution is key.

Inappropriate Behaviour

Your classmates are already stressed dealing with difficult academic problems. Please be considerate and do not put extra pressure or negativity on each other. Express your comments in a friendly manner and make people’s day great!


This is a really useless sharing


May I know more about xxx & yyy specifically? I find it missing from your content and would love to know more about! Thanks.


Your sharing is really unclear. Do you have problems organizing your work?


Sorry, I don’t understand this part. Is it possible that you can clarify it a bit? Thanks!


Don’t ask assignment stuff, no one wants to finish your assignment for you.

Respecful & Insightful

I do not suggest you to directly ask for an assignment answer, but for these kinds of problems, you could consider a few approaches: ......

Do Not

No harassment
Bullying, sexual content, nudity, spam messages, hateful speech and copyright infringement etc. kind of messages are strictly forbidden.

No advertisement
Advertisement including any products or items for sale, unrelated marketing information, or other advert links/images, blogs, profiles are not allowed.

No personal contact exchange
Do not leave your personal information on the forum and exchange contacts with other students, to protect your personal privacy and safety.

In case of violations..

1. Warning
You will receive a warning from Classmeta via email or phone SMS. Your account will also be flagged by our system to enforce a better monitoring for a period of 30 days.

2. Suspension
Repeated violators will get your accounts suspended with no prior warning for 14 days. You will not be able to access the forum during the time period.

3. Permanently Banned
Serious or destructive violations will face a permanent ban on your Classmeta account, which is usually rare in our community.


Contact Us

Our community relies on you, please report problems when they arise. Email [email protected] with a link and screenshot to any post you feel that is against our Community Guidelines. You are very important to help create a respectful student-based community where we can all learn from each other and grow together.

Report an Issue now
We will respond to you as quickly as we can!

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